Defend MI Rights, Inc. Antitrust Policy

The Defend MI Rights, Inc. (the “Corporation”) conferences and meetings bring company representatives together to share information and ideas. As a Corporation of e-vapor product manufacturers, Corporation members are or may be business competitors. When competitors meet, antitrust guidelines must be kept in mind, as the possibility exists, even in a legitimate industry forum, that some participants could misuse the opportunity to agree on anticompetitive actions. Therefore, at the beginning of every Corporation meeting at which competitors are gathered, the following Antitrust Policy statement must be reviewed and read out loud:

There can be no discussion at Corporation meetings or among members on any Corporation social media sites concerning:

(1) Prices paid or charged by the individuals or companies that you represent;

(2) Terms or conditions of sale established by your firm such as credit terms, markups or profits;

(3) The geographical areas in which your company is seeking or may seek to do business;

(4) The persons or companies with whom your company will or will not do business; and

(5) Specific costs and plans.

Any departure from these ground rules could result in severe civil and criminal penalties to the Corporation or to the individuals and companies involved. Federal sentencing guidelines mandate jail sentences for first-time antitrust violations and call for criminal fines that may range into millions of dollars.”

In light of the increasing number of civil and criminal antitrust lawsuits in recent years and the expensive and protracted litigation which can result from an alleged antitrust violation, the Corporation further urges its collaborating members to avoid all careless actions or thoughtless conduct which could inadvertently increase antitrust exposure for the Corporation and its members.

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